Schuessler Cell Salts

Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler (1821-1898) was born in the town of Zwischenahn in Oldenburg, Germany. He studied medicine at the Berlin, Paris, Giessen and Prague University obtaining his M.D. He commenced his practice as a homeopathic physician at Oldenburg. In 1873 he published in the General Homeopathic Journal his new healing system “An Abridged Homeopathic Therapy” and later his first book “An Abridged Therapy based on Physiology and Cellular Pathology” was published in 1874.

Cellular pathology was founded by Rudolf Virchow where he states that change in function or condition of the cells in the body leads to disease.

Professor Moleschott who influenced Schuessler stated that the structure and health of the organs depended on the presence of the inorganic salts.

Schuessler called his system of treatment Biochemic therapy. Bio meaning “ life” as these were cell salts that were vitally important with the chemistry of life. Tissue salts are not drugs but vital cell foods prepared homeopathically which ensure immediate assimilation and quick restoration of balance and health in the system. There are 12 tissue salts each having a specific function and are used homeopathically. They maintain, rebuild and detoxify the cells and are important in their daily function.