Oligo Therapy

French Chemist and Biologist Gabriel Bertrand discovered trace minerals (mineral salt) which are present in the body naturally and represent less than 1 gram in the body. They play an important role biologically in the control of cellular metabolism.

There are 11 trace elements. They are Cu, Au, Ag, I, Li, Mg, Mn, Co, Se, S, and Zn. These trace elements make up 99.9% of the Earth’s mass. The macro molecules H, O, C and N make up 95% of the mass of our body, the trace elements make up 0.1% of the body. Fe, Zn, and Cu are present the most in our body and are most important and make up 99% of the 0.1% of the trace elements of our body.

Dr. Mertz in 1981 proved that if the body lacks a trace element there will be a problem that is functional in the body. These trace minerals are used minutely in intra cellular dilution and in their ionized form are released for utilization. They function as enzymatic cofactors, Hormone modulator and as component for structure. Enzymes are the biological catalyst and required for chemical reaction in the system and are formed out of protein molecules. Trace minerals become the cofactors to normalize enzymatic functions. Trace minerals are necessary in the production of hormones and minerals in the body. Example Iodine is necessary for the production of T3 and T4, Cobalt is necessary in the existence of vitamin B12 and Iron is necessary for the composition of hemoglobin. As for the structural components, example fluoride supports in the growth of teeth and bones.

Oligo elements are trace minerals in a highly bioavailable form, administered in small doses and at low concentration for they provide ions for the body. They can be integrated with other modalities. For more information on Oligo Therapy and its use in holistic health, please contact the Total Healing Homeopathy Clinic at 416-562-9149 or click here to email.